Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rome & Venice.

Making our way further through Europe we came to Rome. Rome was in every way perfect however to me the people very much wrecked it for me. They were extremely rude and not at all people I wanted to be around. Nevertheless I made my time worthy and it was still fabulous. The first tour of the day was through the Vatican, where the Pope calls home. The architecture of this city is just beyond speechless. Every single step of the way through is some sort of design or feature it was just amazing. The Sistine Chapel and St Peters were by far the most beautiful buildings I had seen through my journey. The interiors were just spectacular with many of Michael Angelo's designs on display. Later we made our way to the Colosseum, being another highlight of my trip as we walked up and around many times just to take it all in. 

Further on we travelled to Venice, the sinking city. It was just fabulous to walk around and grasp the feeling of love! We jumped aboard our Gondolas and made our way through the winding waterways with bottles and bottles of champagne being downed. It was just lovely! Later that evening we sat down to a delicious meal including more wine and relaxed the night away.


  1. In your last photo on this post if you watch the Girls of the Playboy mansion, the one where they go to Europe & go to Venice they have a crazy paparazzi 'Waldo' following them. I swear one of the scenes was on that bridge where one of the girls PR guys was trying to block the guys camera. :) x

  2. It would of been one of the bridges, there is one specific bridge that your supposed to kiss someone on maybe it was that one. There are heaps of bridges there :) x




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