Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nice, Monaco, Pisa & Florence.

We packed our bags and headed for Nice. We walked around for the day and hit the water. Nice was simple amazing and just such a relaxing place. There were beautiful markets through the small paved streets and not a car in sight with bike riders everywhere. That night we dressed to the nines and made our way to Monaco. The water was full of boats too expensive for us to even look at, you knew straight away this was a place where money was everything! We made our way passed where the gorgeous Grace Kelly was killed and we also seen where she was married. As I truly look up to this beautiful woman it was so wonderful to see these sights. After our short drive we made our way to the Monte Carlo Casino where business got serious! We watched men bet way by the thousands and lose by the thousands without a care in the world! It was all a bit overwhelming with so much money around you but was a great experience!

The next day we made our way to Florence, with a short stop over at Pisa! Pisa was very small and not much time was spent here however I couldn't resist the good old traditional Leaning Tower of Pisa pose in my photo! As I had heard many times before the leaning tower is much smaller then it appears! Florence was next on our itinerary where it was all about Michael Angelo! Good old David was quite the attraction! We conquered the Italian food with copious amounts of food and red wine being consumed.

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