Saturday, 29 October 2011

Germany & Amsterdam.

Well as I near the end of my Germany that in no way means the fun is over! Germany and Amsterdam were by far the highlight of my journey. Firstly, Germany. We didn't arrive until later in the evening and that meant the party was about to start.  A quick tour of Munich was over and done with quicker then hoped and we then hit Oktoberfest! Nothing can compare to how big this festival really was! There were thirsty German's as far as the eye could see and beer steins bigger then my head! It was the most exciting/funnest atmosphere I could ever experience! There was singing and dancing and ALOT of drinking! I managed to down 3 beer steins and some how ended up with one in my bed (you aren't allowed to steal them or you could get fined) so I don't know how that happened! This was by far the best night experienced on the tour and a must do for anyone that is wanting to go to Germany!

Hungover and not wanting to move we hit the bus to complete our journey in Amsterdam. First up we hit the red light district, which is not at all what I expected but much much more! Prostitutes and marijuana pretty much sum up this experience as well as a live sex show! Need I say more! It was one crazy night and the cherry on top of a fantastic tour. Our final day we cruised the rivers on pedal boats rode through the streets on our pushbikes. I went and visited Anne Franks house which was extremely eye opening and so amazing.

Throughout the tour I made some lifelong friends who I will cherish forever, not only from my tour but others also. I highly recommend Contiki for anyone travelling it was the best 2 weeks of my life and would jump at the opportunity to do it again.




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