Saturday, 29 October 2011

London & Paris.

Well, it has been quite a few weeks, maybe even months since I have written a blog and I think what better time then now to get back in the game! I thought I would begin where I left off and tell you just how fantastic my jet-setting journey was!

Well I packed my bags tightly ensuring I had every last piece of clothing/makeup/heels that I would possibly need in preparation for one of those "damn I wish I bought that dress now" moments! I woke up bright and early at the crack of dawn the morning of my departure and ran around the house like a frantic chicken getting everything organised for the final time. Emily dropped me at the airport, tearily of course that she wasn't coming with me, and we said our goodbyes for the 3 long weeks to come, mind you the longest we had gone in a long time without seeing each other. I had quite a long wait before my departure so I made sure I psyched myself for what was to come chatting away to mum on the phone, again this will be the longest I hadn't talked to my mum with the daily hundred messages we exchange.

After my first 12 hour haul I stretched my legs in the land of Korea! This was an interesting place, which I was lucky enough to have a layover. I jumped back on the plane and continued my journey half way around the world with another 12 hour flight! The flights weren't as bad as I had thought with copious amounts of dvd's, food and drink on hand! I finally made it to London and it was just perfect there were simply no other words. I fell in love as soon as I got there and my feelings didn't change as I left. My first day was just pure bliss. I roamed the streets of this perfect city and took in every last bit of its beauty. I strolled past Buckingham Palace, which is a lot bigger then I expected, went to Big Ben and the London Eye, I also went to Topshop with is by far the best place on this planet! As I only had a day to cram in as much sightseeing as I could it was difficult so I ended my day there.

That night I made my way to the Contiki basement where I met with a few of my other tour members and had a few beverages to calm the awkward nervousness of a first meeting. The next morning it was an early wake up call and we made our way down to the bus to hit the road, and I can tell you I have never been more excited because we were headed for PARIS! As we made our way across the English Chanel we finally made it to France as it approached the evening. Before we took a bus tour of the city of love we went to a small restaurant where we ate snails, yep snails! I don't recall its taste because I swallowed it whole but hey when in France! We then made our way to the much anticipated Eiffel Tower. SPEECHLESS. The Eiffel Tower is the most amazing thing I could ever see in my life. There is nothing in this world that even compares to how this made me feel! It was all lit up and was like an amazingly oversized christmas tree! Every half an hour the lights would sparkle and flicker it was just perfect. We laid on the grass, scabbed some cheap wine and soaked up this amazing moment. I will never forget this. The next day I hit the streets of Paris and did some serious sightseeing. I walked at least 30km but it was in every way worth it! I firstly went back to the Eiffel Tower to check that bad boy out during the day. I must say it was no where near as perfect as it was at night time but nevertheless amazing! I then made my way down to the Lourve and cruised on down to Notre Dame, the architecture in Paris was absolutely spectacular. I also seen a few little churches and what-have-you along the way as well as the bridge where Carrie met Big which was pretty special! I couldn't get over how surreal it was to be walking the streets of Paris and I still can't believe it! I only ever heard bad things about Paris from friends who had also travelled but to me it was just perfect and definitely the highlight of my trip, I would give the world to be there right now!


  1. Paris sounds beautiful. It would be so lovely to see the Eiffel tower & swallow a snail. But for now I live vicariously through you! Thank you for writing your travel posts!! x

  2. Your more then welcome! You MUST go to Paris one day, I promise you it will be the best time of your life! I will even take you haha x




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