Saturday, 10 September 2011

over the sea.

Well, there is officially two days, three sleeps and one gigantic presentation until I board a big jet plane to London town! 

Tonight was my last shift of babysitting and it couldn't of gone better. The beautiful family gifted me with luggage tags, random goodies and a beautiful travel journal for my travels. They are just truly beautiful and I will miss them very much for the time I am away. I took this time tonight to write my final blog until I return, hopefully with many stories to tell you!

There has been a lot happening in the lead up to my trip, one of the main things is friends. With the many events in the recent news such as Daniel Morcombe, Sidonie Thompson and the anniversary of September 11 dawning upon us it has really made me think how precious life is. I look at the little girl and boy I babysit and just take a moment to reminisce about when life was so carefree. Now I haven't had the best few years, in fact they have been beyond horrible and after picking myself up from the ruins I was left with has taught me to never trust anyone. I thought the older I got the better people would become however I am yet to see that. People are busy and life is hectic at times, everyone knows that, yet I still find myself surrounded by selfish people who just don't take the time of day to understand anything unless it revolves around them. Moral of this story is I can't waste another moment of my day caring for those that don't care for me when life is just way too short. I just truly hope the ones I care for the most know just how much they mean to me, whether we talk or not!

On a much brighter note, Monday is my very last day of my first semester as an interior design student. Times have been tough and sometimes it hard to prove its all worth it but overall it has been fantastic. Already I have so many skills its just amazing how far you can go when you have the passion to do it! I admit it has taken me a good few years to decide where my life should go but now i've found it, it couldn't be going better!

I spent the weekend with my family one last time and will finish up with finalising my packing and somehow cutting my wardrobe down to 3 weeks, girls you will understand! I can't wait to get on that plane and do everything i've ever wanted to do. I must say I am pretty proud of everything I have accomplished in the past year, I may not have a boyfriend or a husband or kids but i'm still as happy as I could ever be and thats all that matters to me! 

Hopefully (fingers crossed) be back in 3 weeks to share my amazing journey with you! Bonjour x




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