Saturday, 29 October 2011


Well my Contiki tour was finally over. I departed my beautiful friends and set up home in London for three final days. Because I didn't have much time at the beginning I did some serious sightseeing with the time I had left. I booked myself a ticket on an open top bus and made my way around London, seeing some sights more then once! 

I made my way through Buckingham Palace, The London Bridge, Trafalgur Square, Piccadilly Circus, The Tower of London and of course Westminster Abbey. Every single part of London was a new amazing sight to see every where I went it didn't cease to amaze me. I stopped for coffee in Notting Hill and browsed secondhand clothes stores to grab myself a bargain Vivienne Westwood sweater. I strolled along Oxford Street and down to Regent where I gasped at the amazing Hamley's toy store and took countless amounts of rides on the tube just because I could. Simply perfect. 

London was the most spectacular city and by far my most favourite place in the world. I took every minute I could to completely appreciate the fact that I was there but unfortunately it was time for me to pack my things and head on back to reality. One day I will be back, London xoxo

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