Sunday, 1 January 2012

Twas a Merry Christmas.

I have been so flat out busy with the end of year approaching and the beloved Christmas festivities that I forgot to do a Christmas Day blog! Never fear, it is here!

I finished work early, yes early (which was a shock to most) on Friday the day before Christmas Eve and boarded a not so big jet plane Rockhampton bound. The excitement building inside of me I believe was evident to the whole plane as I rushed to exit the plane to run into the arms of my mum. I hadn't seen my family in many weeks with the whole starting a new job thing, heading home for a visit is virtually impossible. I cannot express how much I love being at home with my family its definitely my happy place, it gives me time to catch up with mum and chill out with dad on the couch just watching little nothings on the TV.

On Christmas Eve mum propped herself up and out of bed and headed to work while Jan Jan and I got our cooking pants on and hit the kitchen. We cooked for hours on end prepping for the big day ahead, stopping to have lunch with mum and buy the odd sneaky present in town. It was such an exhausting day that we hit the pillow early in anticipation for Christmas!

This year, like every other, we awoke at the crack of dawn with excitement like we were kids again. Santa had delivered! We thought we'd give secret santa a whirl this year as the cost of Christmas can get a little out of hand and I must admit I wasn't at all fond of the lack of presents involved in this little charade! We exchange our gifts announcing "Merry Christmas, i'm your Secret Santa" in hope it was just what we asked for! Of course the biggest highlight of the day was the massive smorgasbord of food waiting for us to devour.

We ate away at the endless amount of food, popped crackers and laughed at the lame jokes in them. It was the most beautiful day spending quality time with my gorgeous family, I couldn't of asked for better.

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