Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I usually start my blogs with "its been a while" or something along those lines so I thought today i'd skip the nonsense and go for gold!

Lately I have been bottling a few things up inside and just wanting to get away from the "real world" in general so I took a bite of the bullet, purchased a very late and expensive plane ticket home and took some time to myself, well with my family but thats the only place I ever want to be. Luckily my spur of the moment impulse trip landed smack bang on my very special grandfathers 79th birthday. 

I was greeted by the fam-bam at the airport right on 8:30pm Friday evening. We got some takeaway, as we do, and caught up on each others lives laughing and enjoying the quality of this time. Mum works weekends and dad was bed ridden with the flu so it was me and the baby sister chill-banging wasting our time doing nothing for majority of the weekend pausing to share mums lunch break and the odd cruise in her car. 

Mornings were bliss with the house quiet as a mouse, I poured a bowl of my favourite cereal and headed out back to sit in the beautiful calm quiet sun with my favourite hound, Joseph. I love taking the time to be at home, it really is where the heart is and there is no where else I would rather be. I think its good to get away every now and then and come back to reality all refreshed and revived for the weeks of work ahead before my next venture home. 

A big happy birthday to one of the two special men in my life, you really are amazing Grandfather so glad I was blessed enough to spend another birthday with you.

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  1. Glad to read it was a positive & lovely trip home for you!




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