Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day for dad.

There is not a single person in this world that will ever replace the unconditional love I have for my family and today marks the day we get to truly celebrate how much they mean to us.

 It is bias of everyone to say they have "the best dad in the world" and i'm not going to argue that, but I truly wouldn't trade my dad for any of those other dads in the world!

From the day I was born he has worked his heart out to give my family and I the upmost best life we could ever ask for. I am ever so grateful for his passion in life and determination to make everyone around him happy without hestitation. I am so proud of the amazing man he has become and I truly hope that I can one day find a man that is even half as perfect as he is. After all the years of hard work he has put into his chosen career he is finally being rewarded with a promotion up to a much higher position and I cannot express my upmost happiness for him! He so deserves ever minute of this high and I am beyond proud of him! 

Anyhoo, before he steps on up to do some bossing around he ducked away from home to do a bit of holidaying with the fam at Sunshine Coast where I got the joy of seeing him for a few days before he headed back to work. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to see him for fathers day but I did get to see him a few days before to give him his gifts! 

So yeah, my dad truly is the best dad in the world!

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