Sunday, 7 August 2011


Well fellow bloggers, it has been quite a while since I have had the chance to sit down and put my life onto this page but never fear I am here and with many blogs to bring you! 

The past few weeks have been beyond hectic! I have had my parents here, many projects due and of course the wedding of the year. My beautiful, life long friend, Belinda married her partner in life Trent in what would have to be the most beautiful day of the year. I was absolutely honoured to have been asked to be Belinda's bridesmaid and it was just a pleasure to be a part of their extremely special day. I must admit there were a few ups and downs in the coming of the big day however nothing a friendship cant overcome! 

On Friday the 29th of July, I packed up the automobile and hit the road Ipswich bound. I met the bride to be and her matron of honour and we hit the liquor store for some hard earned champers and some cheap take-away and set up for a lovely evening in. We laughed and reminisced and talked about what is to come in the next phase of Belinda's life as Mrs Scott. We, like little girls on the night before Christmas, waited till the clock clicked over midnight and screamed "your getting married today!" as we laid in bed. We slowly fell asleep in anticipation of the day to come. 

We awoke bright and early, of course, and headed to breakfast. It was all quick moving from there with hair and make-up getting underway, a movie camera following our every move and the odd joke of Trent boarding his plane bound for anywhere but the alter. 

Come 12:30pm Belinda was all ready to pop on her gorgeous wedding gown. It was quite the effort with 4 of us ladies all doing our bit to ensure she looked stunning. Stunning was an understatement as she walked out of our motel looking beyond amazing. We headed to the church and we slowly felt the butterflies creeping on us as I was one big nervous wreck! The adorable page and ring boys lead the way with the beautiful flower girl in tow followed by myself and the matron of honour, Melissa. I could see Trent out of the corner of my eye popping his head over the guests to get the first glimpse of his new wife. 

This day was just nothing short of beautiful and I am ever so proud of the progress we have made in what started out as a terrible friendship to our relationship now. Belinda I am so happy for you, I have never seen you as happy as you are with Trent and I am so glad he can love you the way you deserve. Congratulations and thank you for letting me share this day with you. 

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  1. Aww thank you lovely!!
    It was a pleasure to have you there on our day!!
    Thank you...




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