Friday, 8 July 2011


Since beginning my studies towards my desired career choice, I have made the upmost wonderful friends. They are beautiful and kind and I have never come across people so lovely to date. I have had some nasty people come and go into my life and since then I have barricaded myself from people and I rarely let people in, but these people have turned my way of thinking upside down and I now have faith that there are some good people in this world. 

Anywho, the point of my blog is that my course is stressful to say the least! With projects due each day, samples to choose and paint swatches to create it is quite demanding with only so much you can handle. Some of my beautiful friends in the last week have gotten upset and lost all faith in themselves. I was there, of course, to pick up the pieces and help them get back on track. It was really upsetting to see the people I love even think of doubting themselves so I thought I would do my part in bringing the light back into their eyes. 

I scrounged together some pennies and hit Coles to pick up a patty cake mix. I whipped those bad boys up and took them into class and shared them around with my loved ones. They were a real hit and certainly brought the smiles to the room. I love my friends, i'm so lucky to have met such amazing people. 

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