Friday, 8 July 2011


Well it has been quite the eventful week for me! To begin with my sister got a devastating call from her best friend informing her that her brother had just been killed in a horrific accident in Townsville. It came as a shock to my family as we are so very close to his family and is just a tragedy at the least. RIP Zak. We took this time that we had together and cherished every minute of it as you never know when it might be your last. 

It was fabulous having my sister around although I will enjoy not sharing my side of the house anymore! We did all things sisterly and had a good time all round. We shopped out all the Salvos in my area, ate home cooked pizza and patty cakes, watched a season or 2 of Glee and just enjoyed each others company. Yesterday, we hit up the salon and were ladies of leisure enjoying a nice cut, colour and eyebrow wax which was just lovely.

This evening I dropped my baby sister off to the airport and we said our farewells. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute she was here and will miss her very much. 

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