Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bucket List.

Have you ever sat back and really thought about the things you want out of your life? The things you always say "oh I wish I did that" or the things you never get the chance to do. Well lately I have been doing a lot of searching and trying to pin point the meaning of everything around me and I have decided to start a bucket list of things I want to gain out of my life. Some have already happened and some I can only hope will happen but I think its important to set goals almost impossible to achieve to push yourself to be the best you can be. 

So heres the beginning of my list, everyday I have been adding to it so no doubt there will be plenty more to come!

1. Find the true meaning of love.
2. Get married in front of the Eiffel Tower.
3. Have a baby.
4. Design my dream home. 
5. Build my dream home.
6. Own a tiny shack on the waterfront. 
7. Be somebody's best friend.
8. Travel first class.
9. Take a ballet lesson.
10. Ride in a hot air balloon.
11. Go to Africa and ride an elephant.
12. Cruise around Canada.
13. Hire a combi van and travel around Australia.
14. Sit on top of the Hollywood sign.
15. Own an apartment on 5th Avenue.
16. Grow my fingernails.
17. Shake hands with Oprah.
18. Pay cash for a car.
19. Buy a piece of Tiffany & Co.
20. Adopt a child.
21. Be a bridesmaid.
22. Be a maid of honour. 
23. Be in Times Square on New Years Eve.
24. Get a tattoo.
25. Travel around the world.
26. Make a difference to someone's life.
27. See the Northern Lights.
28. Live in a different country for at least 6 months.
29. Volunteer in the children's ward.
30. Buy a caravan.
31. Make a dress from scratch.
32. See the Eiffel Tower. 
33. Climb the Statue of Liberty.
34. Start my own business.
35. Have an article published in a Vogue Living.
36. Be front row in a fashion show. 
37. Visit the 7 continents of the world. 
38. Have Nicole Richie know my name.
39. Attend the Olympics.
40. Send a message in a bottle.
41. Learn to fly a plane.
42. Swim with sharks.
43. Leave the house without caring about what I look like.
44. Grow my hair long.
45. Go to a drive in movie.
46. Take a picture everyday for 1 year.
47. Make my parents proud.
48. Make friends with a stranger in the street.
49. Get locked inside a shopping centre for the night.
50. Touch an iceberg. 

I can't wait to keep adding to this list. Just looking at it excites me!

1 comment:

  1. I love your list!! It's great & inspiring. I'm glad I've helped you tick off at least one of those things ;)
    I totally want to get locked inside a shopping centre after hours as well! We should do that together!
    I hope you achieve all of this & more!!
    Love you




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