Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I do.

Well, its been many weeks since i've blogged (I know I always say this) but things have been quick a tad hectic the last few weeks. 

The first big event to kick off November was the Callister-Pennisi wedding. 

It was a beautiful Thursday morning, I chose a dress and got myself prepped for the big day. I picked up Emily's mum and dad and headed for the beautiful wine region of Ocean View. It was quite the drive up and around the winding mountains but ever so worth it. 

We arrived to a peaceful area surrounded by the odd cow, kangaroo and beautiful vines of soon to be wine. We had a light beverage to kick off the afternoon and made our way down the hill. 

It was just such a beautiful atmosphere with perfect weather. This being my second attendance to a wedding but on the otherside of the party, made me ever more clucky for marriage. Emily (the bride is also Emily), my beautiful best friend, was maid of honour and it was just lovely to be able to see her dressed to the nines. 

The ceremony was plain and simple just how Emily wanted it! The photos began right after the official "i do" along with some mingling with the odd person I knew. 

All in all it was a beautiful day and it was lovely to share it with the Callister-Pennisi family. Congratulations to you both x

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