Sunday, 17 July 2011


Well Saturday marked the wedding rehearsal for the Bartley-Scott wedding which is to be held in 2 weeks time! I began my roadie through to Ipswich and made my way to the beautiful St Mary's church. There was a spot or two of rain with hope that we wont see anymore in the coming weeks. 

We gathered and headed our separate ways, males up the front and females to the back and made our way down the isle mocking the real thing. I was particularly terrified as I have never even attended a wedding before so being bridesmaid was a big achievement for me and I was ever so lucky to have been asked! I feel so honoured and glad I get the opportunity to be apart of my dear friends big day. 

We played out the ceremony with excitement for the real thing! It was then lunch time so we hit up the RSL and had schnitzels all round! Was a lovely day with beautiful friends. 

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  1. Aw YAY... I just found this then!! <3 Thank you love, I can't wait for the actual day!! x




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